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A consummate communications professional, Suzanne Roch boasts over 20 years experience in the business. With a Public Relations degree from the University of Montreal, Ms. Roch has achieved a uniquely deep expertise covering the public, private and government sectors. From advertising to media relations to marketing, PR and event management, Ms. Roch’s many successful engagements in all areas of the practice have proven her a versatile and highly effective veteran of the communications industry.

Her private sector consulting portfolio spans work with a host of prestigious clients in a variety of industries. Serving PR firm accounts for such marquee brands as Petro-Canada, Kodak, CANAC Inc., Kimberly-Clark of Canada, Yoplait, Québon, Les Parfums Yves Saint-Laurent, Culinar Inc., and the Association of Ford Dealers of Greater Montreal, Ms. Roch’s proactive media relations approach, sharp promotional materials and insightful council have consistently produced successful results and high-return visibility.

In 1990 Ms. Roch was appointed to the Permanent Ministerial Committee on the Development of Greater Montreal, a body mandated to deliver a set of recommendations on critical issues facing the Montreal region. Joining ten regional ministers under the leadership of Mr. Daniel Johnson, Ms. Roch directed the committee’s communications program and oversaw its documentation centre, while reporting to the Executive Council of the Government of Quebec. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in the development and publication of the committee’s Strategic Plan for Greater Montreal, an important policy paper that was warmly received by stakeholders.

Four years later, she moved to the National Assembly, taking the position of Press Secretary to Quebec’s Minister of International Affairs, Immigration and Cultural Communities. This role afforded her the opportunity to exercise and further develop her talents as a media relations executive, strategic thinker and writer. Holding the post through two successive terms, until the minister’s retirement, Ms. Roch gained invaluable experience in the political theatre, internalizing its core skill set, the art of diplomacy. She found fertile ground in provincial public affairs, which played a critical role in her development as a communicator of unbounded energy, dedication and insight, now the hallmarks of her career.

After several years as a freelancer, Ms. Roch joined PlanCom as a principle partner within this new and dynamic firm, meeting the challenges of its broad mandates and growing client base. Amoung her many high profile engagements as a contractor she has organized advances for the meeting of the G-20 Finance Ministers in Montreal and the Western Hemisphere Finance Ministers in Toronto, while developing speeches for Industry Canada. Ms. Roch was commissioned by the Paul Martin Liberal leadership advance to translate and adapt a variety of English texts targeting French speaking Canada. Most recently, she was asked to develop the French version of Governor General of Canada, Mrs. Adrienne Clarkson’s response to Prime Minister Paul Martin.

On the private sector side Ms. Roch has produced promotional collateral, press releases and video news releases for companies including Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Canadian Tire, the Virtual Museum of Canada and the Port Wine Institute, while raising visibility on issues such as hyperbaric oxygenation. Her skill as a writer and editor put her in rare category within the Canadian communications industry.

Fluently bilingual, Suzanne drafted the French version of John Ciaccia' s book on the Oka crisis entitled “The Oka Crisis, A Mirror of the Soul” and published by Leméac in July 2000.